Canadian Playground Practitioners
Canadian Playground Practitioners
Practiciens de terrain de jeu Canadien
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Canadian Association of Playground Practitioners
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Why Join? - Benefits of Membership

In addition to the obvious network connection between members from all aspects of the Canadian play industry, our group benefits each other with an active, online discussion forum by which all members share industry-related news, solicit opinions and share personal insight and experiences. This forum is an extremely useful tool in providing guidance relating to the planning and management of outdoor playground environments.

In essence, in becoming a Member of CAPP, an individual has publicly declared his or her commitment to the betterment of the playground industry, and thus, is sure to provide better service to someone requiring related assistance, than someone who is not a member. As a marketing tool or addition to any resume, membership holds additional importance.

Cost of membership:

At this point in our groups status there is no cost for a member to join. The only thing we ask is that members acknowledge and respect personal opinions presented within our discussion forum in a professional, and supportive, business manner.